Two things prevent us from happiness; living in the past and observing others.
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Anonymous asked:
I know that the video was less than 90 seconds long and I probably shouldn't judge you by such a small snippet of time, but you came across as a very genuine, caring person, possibly wise beyond your age.I'd just like to take some of my time to thank you for brightening up my day with your video and making me reflect on who I am and what traits I perseve myself to have.I am also very fond of Earl Grey tea (and Lady Grey!). xo

Wish you weren’t anonymous though, we could enjoy a cyber cup of tea :) you brightened my day with this message anyway, so thank you and have a lovely, lovely 2014 x

Anonymous asked:
Hello. I just watched your video 'Self Image 2014' on Youtube. My educational background is one filled with maths and science and therefore my opinion regarding your video may not carry much weight (although I have, in a leisurely manner, seen vast amounts of films and videos of many types). I thought it was bloody fabulous. I'm sorry I don't know many technical terms, but the delivery, quality and how it was 'straight to the point' was fantastic. [Continued]

Wow, thank you so so much anonymous person, this made my week. I wish I could take credit for the video idea (alas!) but I’m so glad it made you think about your own identity and traits. It made me reflect on last years, what I’ve kept and what I wish to keep (that can also be habits or even people!) A perfect way to start the new year :)

‘If the girl had been worth having she’d have waited for you?’
No, sir, the girl really worth having won’t wait for anybody.

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These Women Are About To Tell You Some Things That Are Absolutely None Of Your Business

Holy shit women on fire. This video gave me chills. If you do nothing at all today - watch this!

One of my faves.

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season highlights {prefall 2014} ; donna karan

keziaaarghhh asked:
cool name :)))

hahaha yours ain’t half bad either ;)

zadokthepriest asked:
Is that a new profile picture? Looking hecka dorbs Kez, hecka dorbs.

it is indeed. I obviously want to be Heidi gallavanting around the hills and that :) thank you x

Self Image 2014